Our company is named for the Greek Titan Hyperion, who is said to have gifted mankind with a greater understanding of his universe. As the father of the sun, the dawn, and the moon, Hyperion reigned over all celestial entities, forever vigilant over all of his children. The name “Hyperion” roughly translates to “one who watches from above.” At Hyperion, Inc., we have adopted this identity not only as our own, but as our philosophy and our promise as well.

Our logo is derived from the Greek Meandering Key design. The meaning behind this is twofold. First, it is representative of the ever changing nature of technology, and of our mission to combine it with our functional knowledge to improve the way in which people work and live. Second, it is meant to signify the widespread range of interests and applications of our services.

By coupling our infrastructure, IT, GIST, and energy capabilities, along with our network of diverse expert consultants and Prime contractor positions on several Government-wide Acquisition Contracts (GWAC), Hyperion is able to deliver full spectrum solutions to our customers anywhere, anytime.

Statement from the president:


“Hyperion is committed to providing world-class Information Technology services and solutions that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. Hyperion is dedicated to the improvement of our business processes and quality management system to maximize our efficiency and effectiveness to our customers.”

– Paul Milo, Jr.